Testing phase of ComaWeb (2105 – 2018) in more than 15 centers in France, Italy and Belgium is now finished.

ComaWeb is currently in a development phase during which the medical device will be CE marked to fulfil EU quality standards.

In brief

ComaWeb is a SaaS solution providing both lesion burden and recovery prediction in comatose patients admitted in intensive care units (ICU) after cardiac arrest , traumatic brain injury or subarachnoid haemorrhage.

After the patients ICU discharge cognitive deficits are common and early guidance of the patients to rehabilitation programs is a key element for optimal recovery as it ensures the continuity of cares. At the opposite, around 10% of comatose patients admitted in ICU remain with permanent disorder of consciousness, namely minimally conscious state or more rarely vegetative state which is first a human drama for the patient himself, his family and his caregivers , but also a major health economics issue considering that the average total cost for a DOC patient is about 2 M€. The optimal management of comatose patients in ICU in terms of withdrawal decisions, and of guidance in rehabilitation programs needs effective tools for long-term prognosis. ComaWeb has been developed and validated to fill the existing gaps in reliable tools implementable in clinical routine.

ComaWeb dataflow & users/stakeholders benefits

Video: comaWeb in 90 seconds (in French)