How to efficiently make the best decision
for patients with severe brain injuries?

Thanks to unique algorithms based on validated brain imaging markers developed over the last ten years, Braintale provides effective solutions for diagnosis and prognosis of patients in coma.

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Braintale develops and distributes accessible and effective diagnosis and prognosis tools for brain injured patients.

Our solutions are based on

  • Calibrated MRI measurements with systematic quality checks
  • AI algorithms derived from large cohorts of severe brain injured patients
  • Prognosis performances fitting with clinical needs
  • Clear and understandable reports for physicians and proxies

BrainQuant is a SaaS solution providing regional MRI quantification of brain microstructure after severe brain injuries requiring intensive cares, such as traumatic brain injury, cardiac arrest or stroke.

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In brief

  • Calibrated, validated and quality checked neuroimaging markers
  • Sensitive to diffuse brain alterations
  • Clear and complete reporting for physicians and patient/proxies tailored for clinical used
  • Interactive image viewer for data exploration
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BrainScore is a SaaS solution combining the brain quantification (brainQuant) and artificial intelligence algorithms for predicting coma emergence of patients in coma admitted in intensive care units after severe traumatic brain injuries, cardiac arrest or haemorrhagic stroke.

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In brief

  • Calibrated and quality checked brain quantification from MRI
  • Validated predictive algorithms trained on large cohorts of patients
  • Personalised information to help decision making process
  • Clear and complete reporting for physicians and patient/proxies tailored for clinical used





CEO and co-founder Braintale



CBO and co-founder Braintale



CTO and co-founder Braintale

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Louis PUYBASSET, MD, PhD

Prof. Louis PUYBASSET, MD, PhD

President of Scientific Advisory Board and co-founder Braintale

Prof. Damien GALANAUD, MD, PhD

Prof. Damien GALANAUD, MD, PhD

Co-founder Braintale

Prof. Lionel VELLY, MD, PhD

Prof. Lionel VELLY, MD, PhD

Co-founder Braintale


To succeed, Braintale is looking for talents.
Join us and feel free to contact us at

Current open positions:

Responsable Qualité Dispositifs Médicaux/Quality Manager Medical Devices

Dans le cadre de nos développements produits, nous recherchons un responsable qualité et affaires réglementaire spécialisé en dispositifs médicaux

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Coordinateur Clinique et Medical Community Manager

Pour diffuser notre dispositif dans les grands centres hospitaliers européens, nous recherchons un coordinateur clinique expérimenté capable de promouvoir efficacement l’utilisation de notre solution.

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Wilconnect Healthcare

The braintale project has been honoured at the last wilconnect healthcare meeting.
Thank you for your support!

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Braintale provides efficient solutions for diagnosis and prognosis in severe brain injured patients from calibrated and validated neuroimaging markers.

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